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Gringo Star // Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits // Tella Viv // Matt Landi // Holly Redford Jones

Gringo Star – Get Closer (Live in Atlanta)

“Yea? You want it? Here! Is this what you desired??” GRINGO STAR’s 14 track live album ‘Controlled Burn’ is a dynamic assertion and mathematical proof to the theory that the Universe is a big place. And within it, lives this band named GRINGO STAR and serrated cuts of meaty rock that never apologizes. Like the long legs of that gal that never quits, you’re consumed with passion and lust, as the rawness of the guitar strums deliver in that style that just gets you riled up in a sweat of pleasure. It’s candy, but good for you. It’s fun, but professional. It’s your day in the sun, but everyone’s invited. Atlanta is where the band destroys their fans’ sensibilities with their music. The album takes place at THE EARL, in the fall of September 2018, and what it confirms is the utter vastness of their line of songs. The depth in which the songs purvey, the album clearly defines what happens when great music meets hometown adoration. Ten years have past since their debut LP ‘All Y’All’ dropped. This is their first live album. It drops July 12th. Get your fill.

Zach Jones & The Tricky Bits – Lonesome & Blue

ZACH JONES & THE TRICKY BITS. We get you. We really do. With ‘buttery’ vocals and indelible cause for smiles, Zach’s songwriting talent is evident from the get-go. The sultry stories, of love and loss, of self-deprivation in reality or mirage, the tactile absolutions by way of many directions really dig deep in his way of communicating. Reminsicent of stars like Tom Petty, Beatles, and George Harrison, the star like shimmer of this Brooklyn based project is a joy to behold. In ‘Lonesome & Blue’, the detractors of and for living, has a lot of explaining to do, especially when this existence can be so rewarding even through the muddy times. There’s just precision of thought and execution with Zach’s words, implanted firmly within the notes of hard gained successes, all culminating in a beautiful explosion of happiness. Well, at least that’s what we felt in this song. Charm is what Zach and the gang brings. We’d like to think all of you can feel the same.

Tella Viv – Bisou Bisou

Carl Hjelm and Benjamin Lavén of TELLA VIV knows you. They know your bulls**t, they know your fun, they know your honesty. ‘Bisou Bisou’ is an anthem of that kind and as it plays in the foreground of our day, we’re reminded of the kind of fulfillment that we promised ourselve – in this world – in this lifetime. Many of us haven’t lived our lives as ‘full’ as we’d envisioned from the beginning. Can we turn it around? Yes we can. TELLA VIV wants you to cut through the excuses. They want you to cut through the self induced and comforting bulls**t. Surf-rock and pop assemble within the mind and fingers of the duo, and the art-rock decadence and excitement comes through with flying and vivid colors. With their latest iteration of musical philosophy, the band wants to a part of the movement that brings ‘independent rock into the 2020s’. We think they’re starting like gang-busters. Let’s keep it real, shall we?

Matt Landi – music_noteSpace

MATT LANDI is pop. But he’s not. But he is. The push and pull of such contradictions or overlaps is exactly what Matt and his music is all about. In this universe, he’s in an ‘alt-pop’ state of mind, with a healthy dash of world-sensibilities that extend with gumption and aptitude to the experimental. His style is hard to define. And with Matt, that’s what makes us dig his music. It’s just not the same-old-same-old. It’s pop but ‘plus’. It’s indie but ‘commercial’. It’s alternative, but shows such love and affection that is easily recognizable and yet so far away from the norm. Matt’s single ‘Space’ is one of those subtle offerings that traverse the Universe, with a gentle fold of matter, within and without. Matt expanded: “Before creating the song, I had been struggling with anxiety and depression, and had lost my drive to make music. This song essentially came out of a time in need and soon, I was inspired on a newfound love of electronic music and the thought that you can literally do anything with recorded sound.” In ‘Space’, his primal ‘screams’ stand as the precursor for what’s to come. And as he sings his words, the honesty of conviction never ceases. Whole beats, freeze as his vocals again radiate into nothingness of the galaxy. Then it invites again with the soulful resonance of the samples and loops to which we are shackled. Listen to Matt’s other offerings. He’s a talent to look out for.

Holly Redford Jones – Bonjour Madame

What can we say about HOLLY REDFORD JONES that hasn’t been said yet. The booming subtlety and authority of her voice is the first that you experience. It is a voice that is draped in charisma and charm. It’s so much that you just don’t know what to do with it. All you need to do is just listen. Absorb. Holly stated: “‘Bonjour Madame’ is a song I wrote a year ago whilst living in London and fantasising about escaping across the English Channel to the European Continent. Unfortunately, due to my inability to speak Français and other logistical and financial reasons, my Parisian dream never materialised but the song did find its way to a recording studio in Nashville, TN..” Rolling with the punches is part of what Holly brings in her music. Scars and hurt comes with the life that we’d been given. Never been asked whether we’d wanted this kind of deal, but we are here and proud and will never shutter. That’s the kind of strength that we hear when Holly sings. The blues-thick notes deliver a fatal blow and as you holler like a fan-boy, you collapse in a pile of sweat. A life without Holly is a life without knowing. The Chesterfield, UK based artist is here for you. Be there for her.


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