Grizzly Coast ‘Catch & Release’ : Starts with appreciating the little things that don’t seem to matter.

Grizzly Coast

From her upcoming EP, ‘Party of One’, comes a zesty rebellion of song and bop, just as Grizzly Coast does so well. The song is ‘Catch & Release’ and it’s something that is what we all think about when we think deep and hard about life. Being stuck in one thing or another, we dream of open pastures and fresh mountain air. Even though we can’t escape the daily banal, we can smile because sometimes, those ‘banal’ moments help make us smile at what we really have.

Small and suppole moments, grappling with life – working through life and grind. Even in the smallest ways, we can escape with some elbow grease and imagination, if we’d like. But it all starts with appreciating the little things that don’t seem to matter.

The project is part of Toronto based indie-rock musician Alannah Kavanagh’s continued surge into the musical world. The project is where a gal with much to say about things in her environment, can belt it out with heart unfurled and her mind ready to tackle with no qualms.


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