Grizzly Coast ‘Forever’ : Dreamy thoughts of longing and loneliness inspire.

Grizzly Coast

The project is part of Toronto based indie-rock musician Alannah Kavanagh’s continued surge into the musical world. The project is where a gal with much to say about things in her environment, can belt it out with heart unfurled and her mind ready to tackle with no qualms.

Grizzly Coast is the musical project for you and us.

And in this project, every word within the songs, are heavily carted with amenities of emotions, that jangle into place of affection and admiration. A soulful deliverance of what it would be like, and what it had been.

‘Forever’ is a pleading of kindness in times of pain and suffering. A heavy lifting of lyrical compulsions, push you into a corner of contemplation and will.

Dreamy thoughts of longing and loneliness inspire, despite everything that pushes in contrast.


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