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Grizzly Coast Shares Flitting Ghosts Of Emotion’s Dawn In ‘Half-Light Boy’.

Alannah Kavanagh is GRIZZLY COAST. She makes the Toronto based indie music project go to new peaks and then back. The trail from the throws of sun filled days, and the cavernous night time skies, is a light year away, when love and emotions, cling with utter strength and conviction.

‘Half-Light Boy’, the latest from GRIZZLY COAST is that exact relationship between the ‘strength’, and ‘not of’ convictions, attributable and unaccountable, at times. It is the relationship we’d had, long after the love left our realities, prior. The lingering perfume of a love that existed, gaining ground and foothold, during our vulnerable mistaken half hearted imaginations.

Struggle gets real.

But time mends as fragrances slowly subside, fleeting and unrecognizable, after a long absence of physical bodies.

Time mends.

And one day, it’s over. Gone for good.

The husk of a nice history, is stamped into our core, as a museum piece that once held much power on its host.

No longer.

Alannah does a 180 on that ghost and shell, as her lyrics dance in a figure eight, in trance and intransigent to the cause of memories we no longer fear.

It’s a good one from Alannah and her band.

For sho’.

See her next at The Rec Room London Masonville, April 19th.



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