Grocer ‘Overblown’ : Listen to this composition built on laminates of pleasure in paint.


Fab band, Grocer, is coming with a new album (‘Little Splash’ / May 22nd). Within it, their tantalizing attitudes are there to taste and view, by way of the lead single ‘Overblown’.

It’s “a meditation on aging and transition like all of our content seems to be these days,” said the band. “We lived in NYC as all boy/all girl, then worked out this record and moved to Philly, losing our band in the process. There was an extreme culture shock from the move, creating Grocer and getting reacclimatized, and I think this song explores the frustrations that come along with those types of transitions.”

Chaos is just a room away. That’s life. It’s just not possible to avoid. It’s your specter friend who, even in the best of circumstance will try to coax you to open the door. That’s what was happening and the frustrations that comes, the band members felt in a big, big way.

Sick. Of. It. All. That’s what we feel like, when things just don’t seem to work out.

Guess it’s a small gift that the band wen through this mini-hell. For the rest of us, we get to listen to this composition built on laminates of pleasure in paint – of which the band delightfully constructed for the world.

Their trek hurt the band. But the chorus in ‘Overblown’ is so dang good.

Thanks gang. From all of us, listening.


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