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GROUNDS ‘Suck It Up’: Institutionally makes fun of our face. And we like it.

Grounds’ Suck It Up is a lackadaisical ambient rock guitar move; a coupled punk-like aesthetics telling us that they are the loitering trio at the corner of the intersection. Want to get close. Real close. To hear what they have to say. Don’t need the punk leather biker jacket.

It’s enduring, in a sense.


The problematic non-visual biases taint that color in our minds. But should it be?

Is it fair to be conducting it this way?

Grounds, institutionally makes fun of our face. Yes. Mocks it.

Telling us that it is not porcelain smooth. That it’s not blemish free. That you have have a guy’s face.

Well, all are true.

We’d hope so.

But during that mocking, we sink our teeth into the song.

Yes. It’s Stockholm Syndrome. They dare us to love our external billboard, mocks it.

Then we campaign for their philosophy and opinion.

Because deep inside, we know it’s right.

It’s the right thing.

It’s a dang good song.

We cannot lie, as we look deeply into our soul (in the bathroom mirror), and as the consoling begins.

The trio is hails from London. The UK.

We dig it.

You should too.



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