Groupie ‘Half Wave’ : Now that is fabulousness, in a nutshell. Screw you, “non egg cooking, guy”!


Brooklyn New York based Groupie are a one-two-punch combo. Charm and indie grit, equals what you see in the duo effervescent hard-rock kudos. Ashley Kossakowski and Johanna Healy are the “monsters’ (of rock, that is) who quench your thirst for lofi and hard hitting chords, which may or may not give you that nice feeling for the weekend.

That is wholly up to you. For, Groupie is the constitution that gives you that tool to make life grander. Palpable. Righteous. And more fun. Will you take that opportunity??

Ashley Kossakowski (bass, vocals) wanted to make light of the detritus of a bad relationship by writing a fun, danceable song with tongue-in-cheek commentary about unrealistic standards in dating and fleeting feelings of acceptance from a partner. “A guy that didn’t even know how to cook eggs cheated on me twice, so I wrote this surfy, poppy song as a reminder to have some standards while dating, and until I find someone worthwhile, just dance around. This is the first single off our debut LP, Ephemeral, which is coming out later this year. You can also listen to Ephemeral in the link provided.”

=D Now that is fabulousness, in a nutshell. Screw you, “non egg cooking, guy”! Your loss!

The ladies took bits and pieces from the punk, post-punk and new wave acts of the 70s and 80s that spoke to them most—The Stooges, The Cure, The Clash, to name a few, and gracefully blend them with more feminine influences, crafting a sound that nods to the past while exploring contemporary themes. They have since evolved into an energetic, hard-working four-piece band, who have played with the likes of Death Valley Girls, Empath, Ratboys, Downtown Boys, Priests, Sadie of Speedy Ortiz, and just about anyone on the Brooklyn music scene.

Fun and diligent, and never taking sh*t from anyone, the duo with the mostest, takes the fight to the mean streets of Brooklyn.

We think you should be on their corner, from now on. We’ll join ya.


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