Guam and North Korea are in the news, but what is Guam? Fact list? Yes, please.

In the past week, Guam has been a victim of rhetorical attacks by the North Korean regime. The regime indicating that the U.S. owned territory of Guam could be a target of a military strike, if the U.S. isn’t careful.

Now, between all of the serious saber rattling the two sides have been doing, what do we know about Guam? Where is it? How many of our military personnel live there? How far is it from North Korea?

Here’s a small list of facts:

  • Guam is a U.S. island un-incorporated territory (colony) in the Western Pacific.
  • Guam is one of 5 Inhabited territories within the U.S. portfolio.
  • People of Guam cannot vote for a President of the U.S., nor Congressional reps.
  • Its capital city is Hagåtña
  • Its official language is English and Chamorro.
  • It is 210 mi² in size.
  • As a comparison: 19 times SMALLER than Los Angeles County, California.
  • Population is about 163,000
  • After taking the island from the Japanese, in 1944.
  • The island of Guam has been a territory of the U.S., ever since.
  • The U.S. military owns and operates autonomously about 29% of the island.
  • Primarily the U.S. Navy and Air Force forces are represented.
  • Guam is 2131 mi (3,430 km) in distance from North Korea.
  • Guam is 3,950 mi (6,357 km) in distance from Hawaii.


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