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Guggenz – Facade

“The night was extra dark with ominous interpolations, warning our very being, not to go – forward.” Guggenz’ Facade is a trip down memory lane. Or at least what we think is memory lane. The looping pauses, kicks, trips – just makes us feel cool walking down that street.

Well, we think that ‘street’ is one that is from Samurai Shamploo.

Yep. That amazingly popular anime and later turned manga, series.

The song is that cool, in our eyes (and ears).

Slowly he stood, limping to his car. It was an emotional fight, to be sure.
Dusk was settling on that vast nightless-night, crushing down the brilliance it once had.
Several hours of heaping lunges, caused the stir to muddle.
The amplified attitudes of resident horror, seen and silent, as he slowly past.
His guilt wasn’t shown, but it existed.
Through those ripped and torn fabrics, that held his pride along.
It was the end of the day, for his long forgone career.

Imagine that ‘lonely, un-named warrior’ who strolled into town and killed the town gang members – always silent.

Imagine that ‘warrior’ not wanting to be a part of the history, but just to pass by with some food and work.

But his past always catches up to him, and it destroys what he holds dear.

Imagine a destroyed man, heart and soul, forever tortured – never forgiven.

Yep. That’s the feel we get from this song.

It’s a short one, but a goody.

We dig it.

You should too.

Mike Guggenbuehl is a DJ working out of Minneapolis, MN doing his DJ thang and making things go forward.

His latest album is ‘After Hours’ and it dropped on December 11, 2017. Available now for download.



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