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GUILTY GIRAFFE’s Single ‘Hungry Cats’. “The Circus Of Music Is GG … And Blowing Out Fire Balls.

From a fleeting glance, the band seems to be one dimensional and just a slack-garage-rock band from the North East of the US. But dig a little deeper, and they have LOTS more to say using their fabulous talents in manipulation of their tools of the trade, and combining them with the lyrics that are ‘thought provoking’ and ‘relativistic’, in a sense.

GUILTY GIRAFFE is in the realm of Pink Floyd, and the general arena of grunge, dipped in the tangy sauce of metal-pop. Yes. You heard right. They are propitious in production, dynamic in fresh sounds, and never leave their musical sensibilities to another ‘power’.

They do what they want.

They bring the neat licks.

They throw at your face the heavy-metal and punk extravaganza in a deceptively framed package.

All of this is apparent in their latest single ‘Hungry Cats’ and from the EP ‘Running On Empty’, which dropped in May of 2018.

The band is the best of ‘everything’.

We’d like to think of GUILTY GIRAFFE as a ‘thinking man’s rock band’, and that strand of philosophy exists throughout their outputs. Listen to the timing changes in ‘Ford Focus’. Listen to the ‘near industrial rock pop’ sensibilities in ‘Hungry Cats’. The circus of music is here and the notes are wearing a tux, and blowing out fire balls.

Simply, you should dig them. GG is quite a delight.

We sure do.


CHF is a proud media sponsor of the 3rd Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival. Catch GUILTY GIRAFE and a plethora of other incredible bands October 6th (Saturday) @ White Eagle Hall in Jersey City!



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