Gundelach ‘My Frail Body’ : What can we do to accept and gain from that reliance?


It’s up to you to determine what your ultimate connection would be in one form another. It is sometimes an exercise that is decades long, or just a short fleeting moment in one’s seasons. At the end of it all, our umbilical cord to this Earth, is that frame of reference, where we can bloom or not. The radical idea is that from power to power, we have a big hand in that net gain.

Kai Gundelach heads the project Gundelach. Synth, emotions, percolating anxiousness – all combine into the hazy iridescence, in which is demonstrated in ‘My Frail Body’. A paladin worth of grifting waves, it signals the unknown, as does the identifiable deference.

We’re ships, passing in the night.

What can we do to accept and gain from that reliance?

Who knows.


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