GUNSHIP Shares ‘Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello & Indiana)’.

On October 5th, GUNSHIP’s new 13 track album ‘Dark All Day’ will be released and probably will kick everyone’s butts again, as they’d done with their singles prior.

‘Dark All Day’ the single track is another fabulous trip down the future of what the past was to our 80’s drenched minds. The vocals are sensuous, as it is typical within this sub-genre, and the creamy production is fabulous as it it synth-y.

GUNSHIP has been doing their thing for a while now and has been tremendously popular. And even at CHF HQ, we’re fans, even though we don’t cover this genre to the degree we used to.

The dark film take on the music is always that element which lingers on songs like this and we lap it us like it’s just a big snow cone of drenched goodness.

This particular track features singer/songwriter INDIANA, of whom provides the song with her sultry and (at the same time) naughty vocals.

It’s a good start. We think you should get on ‘board’ (sorry for the pun).



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