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Gustavo Galindo Shares ‘The Lucky Ones’. “Pondering the future.”

GUSTAVO GALINDO is an oddity of purity. The artist brings a title single like ‘The Lucky Ones’, from his upcoming new EP, you get a sense of the genre-less attitude that Gustavo brings with each of his songs. The continuity lies in the honesty of his lyrics, and energy of passion from his lyrical presentation.

And that’s where Gustavo, a son of an American mother and of Mexican father, connects with his audience. His shining charm of vocal expressions and restraints are forbidden at time, with froth of negligence for the future, but wholesomely attended by the gift of being a human, living in this world, and pondering the future.

Don’t we all?

Traditional and contemporary sounds, melding arrangements of Radiohead then styles of pop and folk, deliver this rich tapestry of ‘indefinably’ nuanced performance in ‘The Lucky Ones’.

The the upcoming album he delves deeper into himself as a singer/songwriter aesthetics with rock, Americana and pop music purveyor. The songs have been produced by Josh Sonntag’s sonic landscape.

His debut album “Entre la Ciudad y el Mar” gave him his first Grammy nomination in 2012.



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