Guty ‘Monsters’ : And friends should appreciate a nice refreshing whiskey, no?

Guty / Photo: Mila Ziska

Luis Manuel Gutiérrez Zapata is the artist currently known as Guty. And (definitely) unlike Prince, he can’t dance (or fluidly) nor can he rock the color purple (we’re just guessing). But one thing that he can do so very well is create some oddly paced and staggered indie music that he can call his own.

And in ‘Monsters’, it’ll get you boppin’.

An unassuming rock venture, ‘Monsters’ is a part of a series of songs that just seems to coalesce from comets of his idealistic visions, which subsequently collide to make a nice batch of strong whiskey to share with friends.

And friend should appreciate a nice refreshing whiskey, no?

Oh and by the way, here are some thoughts on philosophy from Guty to munch on:

After many years of being married to my boredom i realized how important it is to know my enemy in order to find any satisfaction.
Snakes always rain down on Sundays, not sure why but if there’s a perfect day to commit the ultimate crime it got to be Sunday.
Romanticism is a threat to artistic development (I’m looking at u Greta Van Fleet)
Satan is a victim of negative press.
Ungrateful monkey. – Clueless immigrant.
Janitor in the morning, musician at night.

Anywho. Janitor or ungrateful, this son with the mostest, makes fun music for all to enjoy.

And that’s just half the battle, yo.


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