Guy Margalit ‘SADDERDAYS’ : Celebrate too those sadder days of your life. It’ll get better.

Guy Margalit

“‘SADDERDAYS’ emulates the feelings of lonely Saturdays and how too much free time isn’t always a good thing.” Guy Margalit is a singer/songwriter and producer raised in Boulder, Colorado. As a member of jazz band throughout high school, he did not go unrecognized when he was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in 2014. He had started 2 bands, continuing through in various visions, into his college years.

Honing the angsty-sadness bedroom pop vibes, his LP ‘SADDREDAYS’ is understated, yet perfectly situated with beautiful use of language an guitar expressions. ‘SADDERDAYS’ the LP incorporates more synthesizers, lo-fi elements, and a collaboration with Dafna who was featured on the track ‘NEW BEGINNINGS’.

The smorgasbord mix of tangible textures with Muzak vibes and grins, mark this the new LP, as fabulousness can be absorbed. If you want.

Cosmic in some sense, you can say. Word.


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