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GV.GRACE Shares ‘F**k Golf’ (Official Video) (Censored)

Carefully chosen words, put them in some sequential order, then blend wisely with sonic notes, sprinkled in a snow globe like atmosphere. This is the kind of fun GV.GRACE brings to the table with ‘F**k Golf’, a creatively curated manage of humor, understated sadness, artistic prowess, scintillating hyperboles, and just good ol’ pop goodness.

Genevieve Dymond and Griff Dymond in this video, highlights, effectively the colors and rightfully nourished sentiments to the music, with the twist and turns of poignant lyrics, smoothed by the ultimate voice of sexual tension by Genevieve.

The art piece of a music video was done with the help of Elise Mesner and Michael Atallah. They brought out the shiny and new concept to craft the message of the song, with tantalizing and ripe gumption, for visual consumption.

Simple to say: this track is easy to get hooked on, like your favorite drug of choice. It’s something you’d want to play on a constant level. Perfect also for when you want to emulate the music video for your special someone (who maybe is really into golf, but even more into YOU).




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