Gwilym Rowan ‘Ephemera’ : Bewildering search – an act of prolong-ment in visage.

Gwilym Rowan

Bewildering search – an act of prolong-ment in visage – envelope the production of Gwilym Rowan’s ‘Ephemera’.

Gwilym Rowan creates music that taps into less ventured territories, channelling themes of melancholy, introspection, and escapism. His upbringing in Ireland’s artistic capital, Galway, is where his musical roots were firmly planted.

Decadently dressed, in somber magnificence, in ‘Ephemera’, Gwilym’s electronic march, casts beauty of uncertainty and of the unknown.

In equal parts escapism and expression, Gwilym has found that pursuing his own version of creative truth is what gives him most peace.

And with peace, a beauty of simplicity out of complexity, shimmers in the light of humanity and personal perseverance.

Look out for his upcoming LP, ‘Balance’ (March 2021).


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