H0tel ‘Par (Paris)’ : When looked at from a different angle.


Witness to something great. Witness to something banal. Both accounts, reminisce as vividly and consciously through the mind of artist, HOtel. And in ‘Par (Paris)’ her vivid accounts make for a dashing experience for the listener, while soothing ambles of emotions, tickle in ambient goodness.

The song is a apart of an concept EP that’s set to release in June.

“The EP is about the observations of the most important and influential places I’ve been. This song in particular is about Paris, France hence the airport abbreviation as the title. This song is about the moments I saw and experienced.”

Fascinatingly edited music video, sees HOtel on top of a electricity pole. Perhaps there she is monitoring our hearts and noticing the beauty of the ‘regular’ world, when looked at from a different angle.


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