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Hachiku – Al’s Wisdom List

“Here I go again on my own. Again, and again, and again.” It’s a lonely prospect. It’s a lonely business. “I was born into it. It never ceases to stop.” Hachiku’s Al’s Wisdom List finally gets a music video after it’s original release mid summer.

It’s a tale of an isolated Yeti, hung up and down trodden – seeking to know what its purpose and life’s overarching extremities can provide.

Always poignant.

Always self-reflective and introspective.

The subject can be heavy as bricks.

But not here. The only thought we’d had during the video was to say:

“Go, Yeti. You can do it. Keep on trying!”

Hachiku is headed by singer songwriter Anika Ostendorf. Inspired by DIY philosophy towards her work and music, she completes her thoughts in dream like fashions and bubble gum trauma ridden knowledge tales.

She’d been originally born in Detroit, raised in Germany, visited 42 states of the US, lived in London, before shooting some early roots in Melbourne Australia.

And with such experiences, it does look logical that her work output reflects some of the brilliant nuggets that she’s been able to produce in her short professional career.

Her work is glitter and shiny; but never obtrusively pained nor fantastical. It’s about ‘truths’ of things done and coming forth.

She’s rep’ed by Milk! Records out of Melborne, and they’d indicated that her music is ‘creating a buzz’.

And we agree. Without knowing more of her, one can see how mature and delectable the tunes are, for our ears to consume (even though the original track was recorded when she was in her late teens).

It’s a delight. Simply.

We dig it, lots. And you should too.

The latest 5 song S/T EP was released in June of 2017. She doesn’t have any set tour plans announced yet, but hopefully she’ll be doing that soon.

Kudos, and keep on keepin’ on, Anika!



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