HAGS JUNE: Abeles Knocks It Out Of The Park. With ‘Cringe Joke’ Aficionado, Langlois, Taking That Prize.

Joe McAndrew, Tyler Langlois, JC Hendricks © comeherefloyd 2018

Once a month, HAGS happens. That’s right. HAGS. What the heck is HAGS, you ask?? HAGS is the self proclaimed “First Comedy Show In The World”. What?! How can they claim that, you ask?? Don’t know.

But one thing’s for realz. It’s a fun time.

This time around, for the June show, Joe McAndrew and JC Hendricks called up some scrumptious comics for the audience. And just like every month, the audience (or us), didn’t know what would happen with the comics.

The night started off with Vincent Brue. This night, he looked very hairy. Ear lobe length curly brown hair complimented his ‘hockey player’ looks. Then the jokes came out. The pandora’s box was open. The comic was in his form in self deprecation and observational comedy that we’d come to expect from Brue. He didn’t disappoint as the the beginning of the evening is the toughest, for the crowd of smaller persuasion. But his eyes were on the prize. His determination was definite. Brue’s appetizer set was perfect for the next comic. Tyler Langlois is a beast. Not of his stature, but his dirty, dirty jokes. From what he’d said this night, even some of the comics who were listening to him, were kinda blushing at times. It was delightful, to be blunt. From ‘sex’, to ‘hazy sex’, and ‘personal pleasuring’ preferences, the crowd was eating it up. Words on paper, doesn’t quite do his jokes and timing justice, but you get the idea. We needed a shower, especially the ‘pedo’ jokes. LOL.

(l-r) Will Abeles, Vincent Brue, Alex Grubard, Keith Correy © comeherefloyd 2018

The night at that time, was off and running.

Alex Grubard is a fast talking word ‘aggression’ on ‘speed’. We’re sure he’s heard something to that effect before. Maybe many, many times. But his delivery has a purpose and focus. Which is to ‘disarm’, ‘shock & awe’, to be succinct. His barrage style, is a machine gun story after story effect, and you are ‘bludgeoned to death’…from laughter. The questions are fast. The answers are fast. And the zingers kept on coming. Keith Correy is a vet doing tours around the area, with very ‘personal’ stories. Not as ‘personal’ as Langlois’, but personal enough. His style of delivery of ‘soft’ and ’empathy’ was twisted tightly in ‘ironies’ and ‘oh well’ stories. His relationship with his mother and girls, was on the plate this night, and was leaving a mark. His slow and methodical deliveries were easy to absorb. He had certainly gathered some fans.

Poster © Joe McAndrew 2018

Will Abeles, you can say, had the best ‘corporate’ job of the bunch. But as his set dictated, his career choice has been on his mind for a long, long time. It’s natural to ‘second guess’ your decisions in life. So, as any artist would do, looks like Abeles made some ‘joke soup’ out of it and did some self-therapy. Now, he’s the example of the town, and has a retuned attitude, and outlook. But he still thinks about his L.A. life, here and again. Don’t worry. He’s all good, though. His delivery is the style that is very easy to like: calm, smooth, with just enough ironic laughs, and choreographed bodily movements that syncs with the words coming out of his mouth. It was a good set for sure.

The night ended with Carly Cim. A lady who, at the outset, looks the part of the ‘New Yorker’. And heck, she surely talked like a ‘New Yorker’. Her relationship stories, contorting bodily movements, depicted the life that regular people just put in the back of their minds, year after year. Then they would die of brain seizures when old. Not Carly. She’s an ‘expressionist-extraordinaire’. She needs to speak. She need to tell you what’s up. And she did. Just like Grubard, she’s an aggressive story teller, and her heart’s on her sleeve telling them. We listened, for sure.

Joe McAndrew, Tyler Langlois, JC Hendricks © comeherefloyd 2018
Carly Cim © comeherefloyd 2018

In the beginning of the night, all HAGS shows (because it’s held at The Saint), there is always one headliner music act. This time, the musician was Nick Cucci. He stated that he hadn’t played his ‘old songs’ (from 2008) for a long, long time. At least in front of a live audience, we assumed. But his set was done without any problems. He’d divided his set into the ‘old songs’ and ‘new songs’. He’d warned that he thought he’d put out the new songs and see if he’d ‘bomb’ with them. However, our contention was that his new singles were better. They were modern, and more evenly constructed. They were singles that were accompanied by a computer supporting ‘band’. They were then layered with his vocals, lyrics, and his guitar. The digital-synth-new-wave style of the new singles were more to our CHF liking. We congratulate his new venture, for sure. The crowd agreed, as well, for they felt the ‘honesty’ in the new songs.

HAGS has reached a big milestone. McAndrew and Hendricks announced to the audience, that they (the show) was two years old. And for the anniversary, they have planned a special show for July. Details are a bit hazy at this moment, but one thing that has been confirmed by CHF is that there will be CAKE. We hope there will be candles to blow out as well.

More details will be available in a couple of weeks.

Nick Cucci © comeherefloyd 2018


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