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Haley Blais Shares ‘Seventeen’ (Video) Watch As Cuteness In An Indie-Pop Songstress, Continues.

Cutest thing this side of the Pacific West. That’s what we thought when listening to HALEY BLAIS’ single ‘Seventeen’. It’s so upbeat, happy. And it goes on and on, like you’d want YOUR teenage summer of your memories to continue. And it will.

If you will.

Will it.

Will it?

The video for this single encapsulates the free-flying band through some of its tour routes, with mischievous recollections, odd dancing, and montages that makes it very special.

Like many of her contemporaries, she started in YouTube with her music and the followers just kept on coming. and then she said (paraphrasing): “I should start as a solo folk artist in 2016!”

Eureka, dang nabit.


In the real world, she got her debut EP ‘Late Bloomer’ off and done, with a support tour.


Her latest EP ‘Let Yourself Go’ continues demonstrating her growth into pop stardom, with the indie pop sound we dig and a full band.

Double Boom.



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