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Half Waif shares ‘Keep It Out’ (Official Video) off of upcoming new album ‘Lavender’.

Half Waif is silk. You know. Silk as in ‘smooth’, ‘decadent’, just like a flow of milk chocolate down that seminal stream of devastating rhymes and lyrics. That scent of fab music, just stays on your jacket. Hard to get off. It’s unavoidable. And ‘Keep It Out’, the first single released from her upcoming April 27th (2018) album ‘Lavender’.

Take me now.

‘Keep It Out’ is simply – silk.

Predictions of waning factions, tearing sophomore antics abound.
Siting relations that came into being, with no results.
Pounding head-aches on parchment papers, ripped apart.
Let me be yours for the moment, and into the night’s ambience.
That’s all I’ve got, that’s all I’ve got, no turning today.

“When I wrote and recorded Lavender, my grandmother was alive, and though she wasn’t ill at the time of her sudden death in September, it was obvious her life – after 95 years – was drawing to a close. As a result, themes of aging and collapse are all over this album.”

“Lavender is a talisman to hold in the midst of that uncertainty, to heal and remind ourselves that it’s not over. It’s not ending yet.”

Nandi Rose Plunkett writes, records and performs under the name Half Waif. Her music embodies her pensive nature and her lifelong endeavor to reconcile a sense of place. She richly layers collage of blinking electronic soundscapes, echoes of Celtic melodies and the elegiac chord changes of 19th-century art music (and of modern sensibilities).

Half-Waif is rep’ed by Cascine.

The upcoming album is available for purchase [HERE]



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