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HALFWAIT Shares ‘Who Are You’. Sometimes, At A Better Time, One Can Really Know.

Personal growth can mean many things. From a one-on-one point of view, to becoming rich, or to be the king of the world you inhabit. Developing skills, or just being the best at a ‘thing’ that gives you passion. It’s certainly a personal thing. However, in most cases, very visible and outwardly suitable for judgement by others, peers, friends, etc.

And sometimes in the ‘noise’ of living in such state, we get lost, confused, and disheveled.

It seems crystal clear, at the time.

To many outside of self, it seems muddied and unclear.

You’re stubborn. Unencumbered. Uninhibited. Energetic.

They can’t stop you, no matter what they say.

Now, all you can do is live with the decisions, and make the best of it.

The best you can, in the current storm and ‘noisy’ field of this world.

“We just love making music and this album features all the styles from our background influences put into our own style of music…we would like to share this album with everyone. That’s the most important thing to us; to make a difference in peoples’ lives with music, just like music has made such a big impact on our lives.”

HALFWAIT consists of: Jon Barca (guitar/vocals), Chris Tallon (drums/b.vocals), and Niko Sero (bass b.vocals).



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