Hallan ‘Modern England’ : Pugs and face changing apps. What’s that all about? And how could we forget Brexit?


“It’s the characters in our town, the conversations they have and what we see on our television sets,” expounded Hallan. “We want to reflect what’s going on in the here. We don’t want to make a one-sided political message or talk for a generation. The song is exactly what it sounds like. A condensed England if you will. With so many strange and vapid trends gripping the nation sometimes you have to take it all in and find some humour beneath the surface. Pugs and face changing apps. What’s that all about? And how could we forget Brexit? It’s a good job we all have our red passports. But then again does anyone in the country have a clue what’s ever going on? Maybe it’ll all blow over if I stick to my microwave dinner and keep my eyes on the screen.”

Hallan have already started to build an army of local fans, their last headline show sold out so quickly in advance that the support acts weren’t allowed any guests and having supported the likes of Porridge Radio and Sports Team, the future looks bright for the seaside town’s exciting, young act.

Conor Clements, Josh Ransley, Joshua Tweedale, and Adam Mills together are Hallan. They are four such young men. Writing not just as spectators but as young individuals living in the magnolia of 21st Century Britain/

Drawing influences from the people you cross every day – in the supermarket aisles, on your Facebook feed, next door neighbors – Hallan observe and commentate on British life via an Orwell-influenced bleak vision of the future and the cut-up style of Burroughs and other beat generationers.


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