Handsome Hound ‘Best I Can’ : Let the trio make you smile, laugh, and feel good today.

Handsome Hound / Photo: Camille Sheets

Happiness is where the trio in Handsome Hound lives. And they seem so very honest in their song ‘Best I Can’ because we believe they live, what they are as human beings. Their works come from an open heart and accepting place of form, that it’s hard to resist their vivacious efforts and vibes.

The band is made of artists Cuchulain, Wren Elhai, and Claire Derby. They have much fun as you’d think they do in their smiles. The lovely trio brings effervescent theme and execution to their music. And that’s a good thing, for when you’re down and looking for something to add to your hard day or week, Handsome Hound is there for you.

“This was one of the first songs we wrote after moving to California, a place that felt very foreign at the time,” said the band. “We had just uprooted our lives on the East Coast and were missing familiar faces and places, and felt like despite our best efforts, we kept butting our heads against a wall. We considered waiting to release this song until after the coronavirus crisis dies down, but we realized that perhaps this song will resonate with folks especially in this moment. It’s a song about persisting in the face of adversity. It’s about being honest with yourself and the people around you about how doing your best doesn’t always work out, and that’s ok.”

The Bay Area (San Francisco) artist keeps you on the folk-Americana vibe and wants you really to smile. Life should be more than just existing, and with Handsome Hound beside our own, we think there’s a good chance we all can make it a bit more special.

Let’s do dis!


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