Hank Bragg ‘Drink Beer Raise Hell’ : Let’s raise our beers to our inner NASCAR, shall we?

Hank Bragg

“‘Drink Beer Raise Hell’ is “my tribute to NASCAR and fans of ‘Beer and Hell Raising’,” said Hank Bragg. The San Diego artist with a simple good ol’ boy philosophy in life, the former US Navy vet has settled down and now does the things that makes him happy.

Song, is one of those things, and with this latest, that simplicity in this pop country variety, stirs us in that most practical sense of existence. There are things that makes us all go crazy sometimes. There are plenty of disturbing and disappointing thing that come our way. But Hank thinks all those can be taken with good amount of stride and confidence in yourself.

So let’s raise our beers to our inner NASCAR, shall we?

Recorded at Melrose Studios in Hollywood, California with Producer Kid Tarri and Recording Engineer David Williams.


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