Hanna Ojala ‘For the Birds & Bees’ : Birds are our emotional bare.

'Birds of Prayer'

An album by, with, for and because of all the birds in this world. The 12 track (‘Birds of Prayer’ out now) were inspired by, filled with, sung for and hatched up because of birds. Birds of a personal paradise. Birds of flight on flight. Birds of sweet songs, built into their DNA.

Said Hanna: “I am an artist who loves to surprise herself by combining elements which when put together create something completely unexpected. I call it “a divine coincidence” when two or more seemingly separate things complement each other in a way that they form a whole new entity larger and more complex than its parts (usually I recognize this happening by having chills up and down my spine).”

Experimental visual and aural artist Hanna Ojala continues to poke at the establishment. Pushing her personal boundaries.

Birds are our emotional bare.


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