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Hannah Connolly Shares ‘House/Home’. “Beautiful relevance and connection.”

Joanna Wood @joannawood_

Relevance. And the allotment opportunity and space to connect. Hannah Connolly’s music offers and delivers in all of those points.

Hannah’s fragility in her vocal expressions is delicate like the flowing row of flowers; gently weeping in the sun driven summer afternoon of, perhaps, a life, a grief – maybe a celebration of a personal sort.

“This song is about the feeling of losing home, and how home can be anywhere with the people you love, but it can also feel like nowhere will ever be home again when they are gone,” stated Hannah.

We’d state of her prior that she is: “A soul soaking vision of rain droplets caress your being, as the supple vocals of Hannah’s personality fully embraces your heart and thoughts. The lovely singer/songwriter captures your emotions with exacting perfection.”

Originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, her breath of expediency in her choices of words, calculate gorgeously, in how she wants to tell her stories. Shimmering with optimism in a sea of negativity, her glow protects our listening sensibilities – to live and learn and fight another day.

Hannah is life. Her life. And maybe someday, her vision will connect with an aspect of yours.

In fact, we’re sure.

Hannah’s work is beauty in all the right ways.



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