Hannah Crowley ‘Scrolling’ : Joy, sorrows, the gray and the happiness that belies the everyday in the life.

Hannah Crowley

Sass and wonderment. A couple of words that partly describes the works of Hannah Crowley. The singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles (originally from Dublin, Ireland), sings of joy, sorrows, the gray and the happiness that belies the everyday in the life.

Said Hannah: “Scrolling captures the surreal ‘days without end’ feeling of these past few months. This was unfamiliar territory for all of us and Hannah felt that days blended into one. Many of us made plans and sometimes those plans would just dissolve into scrolling through our phones, reading about other peoples’ lives instead of focusing on our own.”

Hardships, in degrees, gnaw at your soul, slowly and surely. You recognize how free it was when something of your basics in existence is taken away for a moment.

‘Scrolling’ brings appreciation for what had been, and will be again in the near future. But Hannah wants us to remember the little things that make us healthy and full of life.

The little things that are the largest, of them all.

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