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Hannah & Falco Share ‘Face In The Moon (Acoustic Session)’.

Sometimes you don’t want to be where you are. Lonely and distant, there is, in your mind, how things can get better from here. From this start line. No. This line behind the start line. Never seemed to have had the winning hand in life. It was so very difficult. Nothing was easy.

It’s just not a generic statement.

Nothing was easy.

You don’t care about everything else.

But her. You cared about one things in life that you wished things went smoothly.


Never forgot about her.

Even with the world working around the clock, against you.

You worked hard to win Jenny.

Nothing else mattered: bills, work, World War 3.

As long as you were with her, things could be solved… her smile, her hair, her soul.

The German folk duo HANNAH & FALCO consists of Hannah Weidlich and Falco Eckhof. And seems their love for Americana & Folk drives their songwriting and presentation. ‘Face In The Moon’ is a simple demonstration of what ‘love’ can be.

Their newest offering EP ‘Blind For The Moment’ is available now.



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