Hannah Georgas ‘Same Mistakes’ : Beautiful catalyst of sights and sounds; in vision and insightful reflection.

Hannah Georgas / Photo: Vanessa Heins

Deeply sanguine, in a venerable tinge of maleficence and candor, ‘Same Mistakes’ by Hannah Georgas, alleviates the qualms of silent privacies, pertinent efficacies – of heart and soul. Confusions entangled, in a vapid reticence, the protagonist of the mind and body, vulnerable at last – accepting in truths.

Beautiful catalyst of sights and sounds; in vision and insightful reflection.

Said Hannah: “Over the years I’ve been recognizing patterns and habits I’ve created in order to protect myself in situations that are difficult…I’m becoming more aware of how much my upbringing has had an affect on me. This song was inspired by learning how to accept the past and recognize when things come up and trying to learn to from them.

‘Same Mistakes’ is the twin to the other single ‘That Emotion’. And it arrived alongside the announcement of her signing to Brassland (the imprint co-founded by Aaron & Bryce Dessner) and Toronto indie stalwart Arts & Crafts.

“Aaron and I tried a couple of versions of it before we found this one,” added Hannah. “I originally wrote it on guitar and I ended up finding a different arrangement for it on the piano. Towards the end of my time with Aaron, we re-recorded this- tracking piano and vocals first. He came up with a repetitive bass line and drum loop. He started playing these beautiful guitar slide parts that felt like whale calls. We were recording it in the evening and I remember listening and looking out the window and seeing a beautiful bright moon and clear dark sky. It was a really memorable and magical moment.”

Prominence is taken with a grain of salt. With Hannah, the slight of hand, both in life and love, tattle tales into shards of memories and strewn emotions.

‘Same Mistakes’ takes you on that journey… no strings attached.

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