Hannah Lee Thompson ‘Danny’ : Honesty. Grit. Subtlety. Love. Life. You have it all with Hannah.

Hannah Lee Thompson

Uber talented, in the most understated and visceral, lyrics and expressions by Hannah Lee Thompson, pulls at your heartstrings, but enlightens the path forward, at the same time. A slip of the tongue – vacillation of emotions – culminating self-destruction. All reside in the folds of Hannah’s deliberate but affectionate song, ‘Danny’.

She’s stronger than her openness in her lyrics, show. There isn’t a place to run, and she knows this. She recognized long ago that it’s only forward from where she stood. But knowing what to do, doesn’t mean it’s any easier. And that’s where the seeping blood of life’s heartaches, dangle with trepidation and sometimes anger. Frozen in time, never knowing what else to do – the protagonist in your, continues to do the thing that most makes sense in chaos.

Be honest with yourself. Love yourself. Be loving towards others.

In time, hopefully, things will get better.

Hannah’s a life sound engineer in Baltimore. This song was recorded at The Hum House in New Paltz, NY by Travis De Jong.

She’s joined by alt-country band Crisco Dreams, with Joe Beerman of Sipper on bass.


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