Hannah Lucia ‘Sorry for the Mistakes’ : Delight and caress with every groove.

Hannah Lucia

Hannah Lucia follows up her ‘Talk In Code’ single. The r&b UK artist comes back wih 2020’s ‘Sorry For The Mistake’.

Drizzling with the power of Hannah’s vocal attitudes, the daggers come out to declare there’s more than what you can imagine. ‘Sorry for the Mistakes’ sees Hannah pick up effortlessly where she left off, delivering her trademark raw, sensual vocals over a minimal electronic instrumental. Lamenting her own flaws within relationships, it’s a bold, vulnerable return that will continue the interest and attention around this most elusive of artists.

With beckoning and thriving fulfillment, Hannah’s understated and smooth admissions, tantalized by lyrical entanglements, delight and caress with every groove.


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