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Hanne Hukkelberg // Kevin Griffin // Secret Shame // Death Bells // Macseal

Hanne Hukkelberg – Catch Me if You Can

HANNE HUKKELBERG’s lyrics feel as though she performs with ALL of her body, in thrust, and effort. No wasted energies, efficient, and at height of creativity. But with effortless vocals, the sounds made in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ is a taunt of nature, where it feels un-naturally invigorating, while feeling so very much out of this solar system. Mixing multiple genres, per usual, to create something pop but not, is what Hanne does so well. With rhythms and beats, organic and visceral, she creates tapestries of light and dark, with splashes of pastel hues that meld inquisitively. An exercise in curiosity, wrangles with purified sweat, and outlandishly pure outcomes.

Kevin Griffin – Hacienda

The indie star of the 90’s with band BETTER THAN EZRA, Kevin Griffin keep on the pedal of music production with ‘Hacienda’. With the distinct vocals that has always made Kevin stand out from the crowd, the artist dons the hat of a soul that needs a better way of living. The single is an amalgamation of tints in shoegaze, dipped in some blues framed rock rhythms that is a sing along trek that is both Summer and Fall. Kinda cool in that sense. Said Kevin: “I took a last-minute getaway to Mexico and found myself down in Tulum with an assortment of strange characters who all seemed to be running from something…I wrote the song the same day I shot the Mexico portions of my video.” His full length solo album ‘Anywhere You Go’ drops October 4th.

Secret Shame – Gift

Lena is the singer of Asheville death-rock band Secret Shame and she’s been quoted as explaining the band’s 2016 beginnings: “If I couldn’t sing or play music, I would tear my skin off.” Odd, eh? Not really. It’s a dedication and passion that just burns under her skin. It’s that determination to push the opportunity to another level. She has music to share, and people to meet. Nathan, Matthew, Billie and Ryynikki form the completion of the band, this outer-rim, galactic post-punk endeavor has a bite that will heal your yearning for downright fabulous rock. Secret Shame’s 2019 full-length ‘Dark Synthetics’ is available now. See them next at Hopscotch Music Festival, Raleigh, North Carolina on September 5th.

Death Bells – Life Stands Still

William Canning and Remy Veselis are the core of DEATH BELLS, and the Sydney originating band, continues another and hopefully, larger chapter in good ol’ City Of Angels in California. With that, their cascading lyrical styles just spice it up again in ‘Life Stands Still’, with no apologies and no further revelry for the unacceptable. The sun is the same as it’s always been. But there’s a weirdness to where the rays of radiation lands. In California, it has effected DEATH BELLS, with another layer of sumptuous guitar delivery and another order of darkness that is both brooding and infectious. Video director Blair Gauld said: “It was really exciting to create this video with DEATH BELLS, being in Los Angeles for three weeks and being surrounded by amazing locations really inspired me. Death Bells are very close to my heart – we grew up together in Sydney. It was very comfortable to write and direct this video as we hold such a strong friendship.” As mentioned: a new and fascinating chapter has begun.

Macseal – Always Hazy

Off of their upcoming November 8th LP ‘Super Enthusiast’, this single ‘Always Hazy’ is a pure joy to listen and caress. The Long Island NY based band keeps it exciting and gently new-wavy in this fabulous single. Working with Justin Pizzoferrato (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Pixies), the guitars just shimmer and pop as the chords shape the memories of the lyrics to new heights. Made up of Ryan Bartlett, Cole Szilagyi, Justin Canavaciol, and Francesca Impastato, the band is countlessly talented, easy on the harmonies and just hard not to like. Going places? Heck yes.


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