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Happy Birthday by CHUCK – Enabling those unforgiving memories. Knock ’em down. Tell ’em who’s boss.

CHUCK, the empirically radical anomaly of a Brooklyn artist, released his lo-fi video of his song Happy Birthday. And in CHUCK’s fine tradition, the video is what the song shouts – in slow, deliberate, un-apologetic, and in his un-flappable style.

Memories and reality breaks, or at least seems to bend enough to suggest such break can happen. This song is THAT moment just before “the break”.

It’s harsh, it’s cruel, ominously un-fair; bringing ultimate & broad spread weight to the neck of the afflicted – the self afflicted, and maybe the victim.

“I hate you, but I love you. Do you love me?”. And, “Am I the victim? Why am I in this Cyclone. Why do I let myself be thrown around, brain in mush.”

His answer wasn’t satisfied. Isolation is in his mind’s island. The world moves forward, people forget the past. It doesn’t matter any longer.

“Crack!” a thunderous marker resounds through the room.

He breaks. In two.


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