Happy Cry ‘Cultivars’ : Exuding with pleasure and self-indulgent reflection.

Happy Cry

‘Cultivars’ is the debut single by south coast UK based indie rock band, Happy Cry. The song was written and recorded all by the bands front man, Jacob Rowe, during the UK’s lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic. The single is “about being on the losing end of a break up, but feeling like a winner. It’s about realising the person you loved wasn’t there for you, but all you needed was yourself.”

‘Happy Cry’ blends graceful Folk with striking Grunge to create a powerful yet charming unparalleled sound, which points back to their oxymoronic name. Songs about mental health, appreciation of nature and previous relationships allow every listener to find common ground and comfort in the band’s songs.

The band’s debut single ‘Cultivars’ delivers in exactly the amount of sonic contemplation – both exuding with pleasure and self-indulgent reflection.

Jacob, with Craigo Ayre and Henry Whalley make this project come to life.


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