Hard Working Boss ‘OCD Girlfriend’ : Your true urges and self-reliance, comes to the fore.

hard working boss

“It’s dedicated to my first French girlfriend when I arrived in Paris (a long time ago),” said Hard Working Boss. “She had OCD and made us clean for 6 hours every Sunday. She would make us take the sheet off the bed and shake it every morning. She was also rather attractive and I was obsessive about HER in my own way.

Everyone has their quirks. Whether deeply medical or emotionally relevant, the trifle of human existence can be summed up in the fetishes of one’s belonging mind and heart. Your true urges and self-reliance, comes to the fore, breaking the culturally expected mores and you becoming the real ‘you’, you’d known.

Added Hard Working Boss: “I made the lyric video animation on the spur of the moment over 5 days in lockdown Paris. I’m quite pleased with it – especially the dark epilogue at the end.”

We think Hard Working Boss is a step ahead, indeed.

What are your limits to tolerance versus aesthetic perfection?


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