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Hark debuts first EP ‘Impression’. They’re on their way, blasting into a new future.

Hark’s ‘Impression’ is a 4 song digital EP from a band consisting of 4 collage mates and their respective instruments. Their soulful outcroppings of vocal emotions, presented on the wall of solid guitar notes, deliciously show what could become. The sprinkling of pop, alt-pop, alt-rock, and classic 70’s rock and reggae-like morsels, sometimes reminded us a bit of Jeff Buckley’s sensibilities.

For Buckley’s brand of pop was unique. And seems from this debut EP, Hark’s on that path as well.

“Outer space, nothing to hold on to. We wispily drift back and sideways. Not knowing in how to react. Wondering forever, in silence. Delight manifests, fibers unknown. In the inner space.” – CHF

The dreamy thought provoking rock is real in this band, and can’t wait to know more about them as they get more and more popular in Manchester UK area. The solid musical sensibilities and techniques are just a throwback, which is welcomed and surely cheered.

“We are currently in the process of arranging a small European tour lasting between 2-3 weeks this Summer,” stated Will Wedgwood. “We’re hoping to record more in the near future dependent on money we can raise from regular gigs, streaming royalties and merchandise sales.”

They’re excited. And they should be. They have a good thing going, we think.

Kudos, Hark. Kudos.

The band consists of: Will Wedgwood, Dario Van Der Linden, Simon King and Cameron Jacobs.

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