Harry Streaker ‘Holly’ : One two punch that is liberatingly universal, yet confidingly intimate.

Harry Streaker

Harry Streaker is a project by singer and songwriter William Greer and producer Michael Goldberg. The project is based out of Hartford, Connecticut.

In the late 2000s, at the age of 27, William Greer moved from western MA to central CT. With no intention of becoming a singer songwriter, and only knowing a handful of cowboy chords, he found himself bored enough one day to give it a try. He founded the band Cavalcade in 2009, and currently plays in CT bands Record Affair and Blnkt Jcksn. He still mostly plays cowboy chords.

But here we are. Now. 2020. Effective and relegated like the psalms of heaven’s gates of personal destitutions, Harry Streaker’s ‘Holly’ cuts like a knife in its work. The vocals and to the lyrics, deliver a one two punch that is liberatingly universal, yet confidingly intimate. It’s a song that is for all of us, but it’s built for you – and only you.

The beauty is in this direct pace of goodness, demonstrate unobstructed from the mind and appendages of the two talented duos. William’s words sweep you off your hedges. And you’re invested.

Harry Streaker’s latest LP ‘The Party’ (out now) is a novel of stories, estrangements, valor of the heart, and many more. A putrid vanity of ‘oh so damned personal’ of stories revealed.



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