Haruka Salt x Fat Tony ‘Pitch ‘n Itch’ : Scratchin’ and gettin’ it.

'Pitch n Itch'

Toucan Sounds is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, NY, whose mission is to create a hub for indie disco and house music through events, releases, and mixtapes. The label is curated by french horn rebellion and operated out of youtoocanwoo, an artist-owned music and production studio in Williamsburg.

Brooklyn’s Haruka is the living definition of a DJ’s DJ. Having started her career as a musician and DJ in Japan, Haruka came to NYC in 2006 and has been steadily playing gigs, throwing parties, putting out mixes, performing live, collaborating, and building a name for herself ever since. A technical and thoughtful DJ, Haruka can bounce from electro and techno and house, and disco to hip-hop and rock music at the drop of a hat. With regular appearances at Brooklyn fixtures Bossa Nova Civic Club, Elsewhere and Mood Ring, and with infamous sets at the highly influential BOUND and Fourth World parties, Haruka has staked her claim as one of Brooklyn’s most versatile, seasoned, and in-demand DJs. Haruka Salt is Haruka’s disco/house-leaning project moniker.

Nigerian-American rapper and entertainer Fat Tony has maintained a creative resilience and unbridled enthusiasm through the past decade of his career. His musical footprint has left behind a treasure trove of alternative rap, spread across six albums, dozens of singles, and features on tracks by A$AP Rocky and more. Fat Tony’s sense of humor and courage to experiment mirrors the counter-cultural hip-hop artists who’ve inspired him, like De La Soul, Devin the Dude, and DJ Screw. Although he has spent the past few years bouncing back and forth between Los Angeles and New York while hosting shows for VICE and Super Deluxe, the formative rap scene in Houston where he grew up will always feel like home.


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