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Harvey Aftermath: Toxic Waste Sites in Houston. EPA sees “possible damage”. Weird reply.

The AP reported that they had visited several “highly toxic waste sites in and around Houston”. The EPA, at the end of this weekend, stated that they only had the chance to visit via Drone over 41 of Texas’ Superfund locations, citing 13 of those have been confirmed to have “experienced flooding”.

“On Saturday, hours after the AP published its first report, the EPA said it had reviewed aerial imagery confirming that 13 of the 41 Superfund sites in Texas were flooded by Harvey and were “experiencing possible damage” due to the storm.” – AP / ABC

The toxic locations are of concern, because of their designation as “SuperFund” sites.

EPA’s Superfund program (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980) was implemented to “help protect human health and the environment by managing the cleanup of the nation’s worst hazardous waste sites”.

In a pushback statement, the EPA said the report by the AP was an “incredibly misleading story”. Then went on to support this by stating, “through aerial imaging, EPA has already conducted initial assessments at 41 Superfund sites..28 of those sites show no damage…13 have experienced flooding”.

“Once again, in an attempt to mislead Americans, the Associated Press is cherry-picking facts, as EPA is monitoring Superfund sites around Houston and we have a team of experts on the ground working with our state and local counterparts responding to Hurricane Harvey. Anything to the contrary is yellow journalism.” – EPA Associate Administrator, Liz Bowman

The AP’s executive editor Sally Buzbee replied:

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