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HATE DRUGS Shares ‘Take A Look Around’. “They live life. As they know it to be.”

HATE DRUGS is a quintet founded by David Caploe. The self produced EP ‘Rough Daze’ was released and the story continued from there. With the band completed with Josiah Caploe, Adrian Diaz, John Irwin IV, and Norman Lee, the band published a bunch of EPs and LPs quickly and often.

Said David Caploe: “The song is a call to action about living in an age where it’s almost hard to distinguish the artificial from the natural – not because AI has become so good at imitating us, but because we have become in many ways a reflection of them.”

We think humans will surpass A.I.’s in that we will be even more ‘fake’ than artificial life, as ‘honesty’ will be have a new meaning in the future of futures. It will become a commodity that will shift the political and socio-economic center of life – human life – on this earth!

Phew. Sorry. A small intense rant. LOL

Anywho, you get the gist of what HAT DRUGS and David carved out for themselves. They are light and maneuverable; selective in their musical/virtual attire, and is influenced by their quirk and sense of ‘tongue in cheek’ seriousness.

They live life. As they know it to be.

So far, the band has since toured across the country, playing shows with other emerging indie bands, including HARBOUR, Jasper Bones, Ritt Momney, The Grinns, THE WLDLFE, and Vista Kicks.

And people say, the shows are ‘to die for’ – and not literally.

Look for their upcoming EP ‘2014’ soon.



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