Haunted Continents x Dumlords ‘Safe on the Run’ : Vibe that quenches the thirst, of our most inner trepidations.

'Safe on the Run'

“I’ve always been drawn to antihero ballads, so when collaborator Tyler (Dumlords) suggested we consider going down that path lyrically, I was all about it. Immediately, the sonic ideas started flowing in: canyon reverbs, retro crooner harmonies. The idea was to make a song that would sound its best while driving in a Cadillac speeding through the desert at 90 mph.

Haunted Continents is the solo project of Brooklyn based singer-songwriter James A.M. Downes.

Continued James: “Tyler and I, although we both came up in the New Haven, CT hardcore/indie scene, had never collaborated together before. But after the pandemic hit, our continued online presence made it obvious to each of us that we were hard workers and that a collaboration might be awesome. Seeing as though we were both completely unaccepting of the idea that the pandemic would keep us from creating music, we got to work writing and recording over Zoom.”

A nostalgia of irony and rock n’ roll pulp, ‘Safe on the Run’ takes you into a realm of understated grit and a barbarism of emotional limits that we wrestle with, day in and day out. A soldiering task of maintenance, ‘Safe on the Run’ delivers with that Neil Young-esque vibe that quenches the thirst, of our most inner trepidations.

A collab with an exuberant result. Indeed.


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