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HAUS Music Shares ‘Rêves Ephémères (feat. Laure Z)’.

Falling in love is easy. We did with ‘Rêves Ephémères (feat. Laure Z)’. It’s the project song from producer Mitchell Haeuszer. We’re suckers for such a style of a song with the French language. We think there are many others who’d be wooed by this kind of song.

It’s natural, really. We love listening to a style that is reminiscent of the 70’s French-pop kind of essence, helping us imagine about the hazy days of 8mm video screenings, and kissing the love of your life, losing her to Universe of unrequited ecstasies.

You smile at her golden hair, and large blue eyes. She winks back at you, and she smiles back. But she’s closes her eyes, for she’s been assassinated to your arch-rival. You lose her, in that dreamy moment.

Ridiculous right? No. Not really.

Just like in a love-tragedy movie, you cry for her to live again. But she will always live with you.

In your heart.

In your mind.

Forever, in your night’s dreams.

The love of your life, WILL exists…the relationship will end, every night, just to start again, in the next.

You wake with pillow dampened.



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