Have To Have ‘Frenemy’ : Jams out verses and notes that are ear worm hooky.

Have To Have

The trio, comprised of frontman Julián Berdegué, punk bassist Jonathan More, and prog rock drummer Dominic Neri, jams out verses and notes that are ear worm hooky, and as subjectively poignant as can be.

“One man’s friend is another man’s foe, and sometimes, one gets caught in the middle,” said Have To Have. “This song came about because my mom sees a clear moral divide between people like herself (law-abiding, health-conscious individuals) and people with tattoos [and/or] piercings who you may find drinking a beer and having a smoke with friends at the bar. The truth is, I associate with the latter because that’s just who I am and where my people are. This has caused a lot of friction in my family, so in this song I’m making a general statement “I am not your enemy’s enemy” – basically saying “those people you don’t like? Yeah, they’re my friends, and this is who I am”.

Warmth in disagreements seem decadent in the hands of this band.


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