Have To Have ‘Wring Me Out’ : Crisp and vibrant colors, dress to impress.

This song is about a homeless individual seeking salvation.

Have To Have

From twisted analogies, and stories told with a virulent coat of tragedy, the artful decadence of what Have To Have, is up front and most delicious.

‘Wring Me Out’ isn’t about your just laundered clothing. It’s about you, us, and the world as a whole; and of its empathy and lack there of. An insinuation of judgements that is of, itself, a viable adulation for the best that human beings and its society could be.

At least that’s the plan.

The trio, comprised of frontman Julián Berdegué, punk bassist Jonathan More, and prog rock drummer Dominic Neri, jams out verses and notes that are ear worm hooky, and as subjectively poignant as can be.

“We knew he was good going into that rehearsal, but no one expected our notably different styles to complement one another so tastefully,” said Julián, “The electricity was palpable.”

The effervescently offered ‘Wring Me Out’ is indie-rock that harkens back to the bang-em-up, straight-on-through energies of a past decade. The rigid exorbitance of today, drops off of the crisp and vibrant colors of ‘Wring Me Out’, and impresses.

More from this group of rockers?

Yes. Please.



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