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HAVVK Shares ‘Operate’. “Break away from that morass.”

Julie Hawk’s distinctively impassioned vocals define such moments of bliss.

“Operate is about someone who is living moment-to-moment without really checking in with themselves,” Julie explained. “It’s about somebody caught up in productivity, pressures and commitments but has lost sight of why. I have definitely spun into this way of living before, and at times it’s effected my health, my relationships and my perspective on where I should be putting my energy. There’s been a massive culture-shift towards measuring our happiness by productivity. Our digital lives mean that there’s always something we can be achieving and we have fewer obvious moments to switch off and connect with ourselves or the humans around us.”

Life and awareness; some might call it a derivative of zeitgeist. A soul searching and ultimately defining moments of a life, which help steer a notion, a thought, then summarizing of a coalesced experience into action. A personal action.

And from that we can maybe and hope, to define for ourselves that ‘balance’ of being productive, at a more personal level. External goals are often times defined by the external forces that we swim in everyday. Society and the cogs of industry and social mores help narrow down the suggestion of what productivity would mean to each individual.

But through all of this, we do still have the ability to break away from that morass, and live as you’d want to. A habit of convenience, inconvenience, comes into play as you measure your next strategy of staying or not. But the option to do so, still can be seen as under your own mortgage of energies.

HAVVK’s ‘Operate’ is just a though; that thought, in which we peak out and see, from time to time – being humbly jealous, while working ourselves to the bone.

Hard work indeed. Either way.

At the end of the day, being proud, can be accomplished, at each side of the divide.

See her next @ Bello bar, Dublin, Ireland on December 6th.



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