Hayden Calnin ‘As I Exit Parts I & II’ : It’s your desire and awareness that dictates such a turn around.

Hayden Calnin

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin offers single, ‘As I Exit Parts I & II’, off of his latest EP, ‘Soon Forever’ (out now).

“The oldest song of the EP,” expanded Hayden. “I wrote this back when I was making ‘A Life You Would Choose’, but it never felt right on my previous EP. I had a recording which was finished of the song but I wanted to re-imagine it to suit ‘Soon Forever’. So I started it again from the bottom up and it ended up becoming a two part song.”

Residual existence, is an existence on the sidelines. We all come to grips with that effort, as we all get older and mature.

But there is salvation, when a life didn’t feel that memorable. And that moments are made by seconds. A decision to turn it all around, exists at a moment’s call.

It’s your desire and awareness that dictates such a turn around.

Added Hayden: “’Soon Forever’ was about trying to capture my surroundings through music. Showcasing an environment rather than the stories they would tell. I’ve been living by the beach, so I wanted it to feel like the beach.”


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