Hayden Calnin ‘Unfortunate Love’ (ft. Harrison Storm) : New promise of possibilities flourish from the depths of despair.

Hayden Calnin

Australian singer-songwriter and producer Hayden Calnin announces his upcoming EP, ‘Soon Forever’ (September 4th). ‘Unfortunate Love’ features longtime friend, collaborator and roommate, Harrison Storm.

Hayden explained: “The song had existed for quite a while, but just as music. I kept trying to find the vocal melody and words that would help surround it and bring it to life, but nothing seemed to feel right… Harrison had been going through a bunch of personal change in his life and as friends we have a way of trying to push each other to channel those thoughts into music. It can be pretty therapeutic at times, and I think that really comes out in this song both lyrically and melodically.”

“Hayden and I spent an evening in our home studio one night piecing together some lyrics to the chorus melody based around a break up I went through last year,” added Harrison. “It was interesting having Hayden’s perspective and understanding on the situation seeing as we live together and was really aware of what was going on. The sentiment of the song touches on not being unfairly resentful of the break up and moving on in a somewhat healthy way.”

A radicalization of poignant psalms, a decadent salute to the unarmed parody of emotions – Hayden’s construction and Harrison’s falsetto invocation, deliver a tantric ride into our own. A trip afforded with open arms and hearts, a new promise of possibilities flourish from the depths of despair.

Phoenix rises.

Absorbing the natural beauty around him, he crafted the soundscape from upright and grand piano as well as off-kilter synths and immersive textures in order to “make it feel more pretty than sad.”

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