HAZ ‘Dumb Fake Love’ : Life is a collection of intentions, made real by self-will.

Debut single with EP on the way.

Haz / Photo: Matilda Hill-Jenkins

Nineteen year old from Peckham in South East London, HAZ, throws a pop charmer with her debut single ‘Dumb Fake Love’. The single dignifies the road that any one of us are on now, with the notion that it’s what it is, and we all should make it the best we can. A positive grit comes off of the single, as the young talent gives a piece of her to share and to ruminate.

“It’s a love story I wrote when I was 16,” highlighted HAZ. “I was growing up around heartbreak which made me want to write about real things that happen to a lot of people. At this age, relationships don’t mean as much as you want them to, so you end up with someone who messes you about. I had no idea I’d be trying to make it as an established artist at the time, but looking back I hope people can see vulnerability in my lyrics.”

She works in a pub close to where she grew up, and fills her spare time writing skeletons of songs on her guitar and filling her iPhone with lyrics; thoughts about love, death and that complicated twilight between adolescence and adulthood.

From a young age, her mother was the driving force behind her musical development, always encouraging her to play piano and single, but she passed away when Haz was just 15 years old. That experience of grief is something she decided to explore in her music, which she’s now focused on finally unveiling to the world.

Her debut single will be followed by an EP, plus full band live shows accordingly.



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